Social Media – how do professionals use it, or do they?

I was having lunch with some colleagues last week and the topic of social media came up.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest – do they help us as professionals, or are they just a distraction in our busy lives.

The non scientific results:

  • Facebook – 5 out of 6 have an account – 3 out of 6 are active users, but not for professional purposes.
  • Twitter – 3 out of 6 have an account – 1 out of 6 are active users, but essentially not for professional purposes.
  • Instagram – 2 out of 6 have an account, very casual usage, but not for professional purposes.
  • Linkedin – 6 out of 6 have an account – 3 check weekly, 3 check more often but only 1 occasionally posts something. All use to publicize their resume and keep up to date on where colleagues are now working.
  • Pinterest – what’s this? 1 out of 6 have an account. Not really used.

So it seems that in this sample 3 people could be described as active users of social media and 3 aren’t. 2 of the 3 are female and 1 was male. This represents 100% of the female sample size and 25% of males.

2 of the 6 receive regular (at least 1 every 4 weeks) inquiries from recruiters based on Linkedin profile.

Everyone complained about friends on Facebook that persisted to post inordinate amounts of photos of babies or cups of coffee.

So the conclusion – based on this sample, there must be millions of professionals that haven’t yet mastered the new world of social media. Is this hindering them, is it hindering their company, or are they more productive by not wasting their time following the crowd. Who knows? Love to hear your thoughts.

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