Eden Hartley Consulting on NSW ICT Services Prequalification Scheme “Registered Supplier List”

A new ICT Services Scheme commences today, changing the way government engages with the ICT industry and Eden Hartley Consulting is pleased to announce that we are a registered supplier under the scheme for the category of Project, Program and Portfolio Management.

The NSW Government Contract 2020, which Eden Hartley Consulting was a panel supplier on, expired on 28 February 2013. From 1 March 2013, agencies are required to use the new Scheme for their ICT services requirements.


Clients (NSW Government Agencies and other eligible customers) who wish to make use of this scheme should use the online eQuote tool to conduct competitive requests for quotation.

For further information please contact us and we would be pleased to assist you.

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Social Media – how do professionals use it, or do they?

I was having lunch with some colleagues last week and the topic of social media came up.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest – do they help us as professionals, or are they just a distraction in our busy lives.

The non scientific results:

  • Facebook – 5 out of 6 have an account – 3 out of 6 are active users, but not for professional purposes.
  • Twitter – 3 out of 6 have an account – 1 out of 6 are active users, but essentially not for professional purposes.
  • Instagram – 2 out of 6 have an account, very casual usage, but not for professional purposes.
  • Linkedin – 6 out of 6 have an account – 3 check weekly, 3 check more often but only 1 occasionally posts something. All use to publicize their resume and keep up to date on where colleagues are now working.
  • Pinterest – what’s this? 1 out of 6 have an account. Not really used.

So it seems that in this sample 3 people could be described as active users of social media and 3 aren’t. 2 of the 3 are female and 1 was male. This represents 100% of the female sample size and 25% of males.

2 of the 6 receive regular (at least 1 every 4 weeks) inquiries from recruiters based on Linkedin profile.

Everyone complained about friends on Facebook that persisted to post inordinate amounts of photos of babies or cups of coffee.

So the conclusion – based on this sample, there must be millions of professionals that haven’t yet mastered the new world of social media. Is this hindering them, is it hindering their company, or are they more productive by not wasting their time following the crowd. Who knows? Love to hear your thoughts.

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Sevan – Forster

Looking for a great beach holiday? Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a long weekend or planning a family holiday? Just 3 hours drive from Hornsby, Sevan Apartments can offer you modern luxury … Continue reading

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Manual Handling

The various manual handling tasks that employees undertake during the course of a working day may well lead to a costly workers compensation claim. It is a fact that a high proportion of all workers compensation claims relate to musculoskeletal type injuries. No other area of Occupational Health and Safety has received more attention over the years then manual handling. The introduction of a wide variety of mechanical devices and the ongoing provision of on the job training has been the mainstay of the prevention strategies over this period of time.

It is a fact of life that the majority of employees undertake the majority of manual handling tasks without giving thought to the potential outcome of incorrect lifting can have on their well-being.

It is a fundamental aspect of any manual handling task, that it is not what we lift but what lifting techniques we use.

All tasks that involve physical stress or repetitive movement will have the highest potential of resulting in a manual handling injury.

It is also important to note that it is not just the weight of the object that needs to be considered in preventing an injury. Other aspects to consider include how often and how fast the task is performed or the age and physical capabilities of the employee.

Manual Handling injuries can result from frequent or prolonged incorrect manual handling or from a single incorrect lift resulting in an injury.

You should remember that your back has a 10 to 1 lifting ratio. This means that if you lift an object you are lifting weighs 12Kg then the pressure on your lower back will be 120Kg.

The strain on your lower back increases the further the object is away from the body. Whenever you lift always keep the load close to your body.

In assessing your manual handling activities we would advise that reference should be made to the Workcover manual handling code of practice, or the relevant standard.

In your review consider the following:

  • Minimal lift procedures have been introduced and procedures developed
  • Consider alternate methods of shifting the load
  • Provision of suitable mechanical equipment
  • All employees understand correct methods of manual handling
  • All staff have received appropriate training and understand the use of minimal lift techniques
  • Staff are consulted about manual handling policies and procedures
  • All manual handling activities are reviewed on a regular basis.
  • All manual handling injuries are investigated to identify contributing factors.

Remember it is not what you lift but how you lift that can result in a back related strain or long term injury.

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Hierarchy of Hazard Controls


An important aspect of the above hierarchy is that people tend to view each of the various controls as a fix all process. This is fine if taken in the context of understanding that the first five (5) controls are seeking to control the identified hazard by making the work environment safe.

The sixth control of “personal protective equipment” is only seeking to make the employee safe and not the work environment.

It is an important fact of life that we cannot rely on just one control when there is a need in most cases to apply a combination of controls to a specific hazard.

In applying a series of controls to a specific hazard we should look at options higher in the list. It is also most important to note that all introduced controls require management involvement to ensure that training is appropriate and that the introduced procedure does in fact work.

Make the Workplace Safe:

1. Can the hazard be Eliminated?

2. Can we Substitute or replace the hazard?

3. Can we Isolate the hazard from the employee?

4. Will an Administrative Control fix the problem?

5. Can we introduce Engineering Controls to control the hazard?

Make the Employee Safe:

1. Can we introduce Personal Protective Equipment?

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EHC supports Relay for Life

Eden Hartley Consulting are pleased to announce that some of our staff will be joining with 100’s of other people  on Saturday 15th May 2010 in the Cancer Councils Relay for Life.  Please support us by sponsoring Richard at http://www.relay.cancercouncil.com.au/?2010/hills_2010/dads_army/206684.

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What is “cloud” computing?

2010 has seen an explosion in the number of articles, conferences, presentations about so called “cloud” computing, so much so that it has now become an overused term that is used by sales and marketing to pretty much try and sell anything.

So what is it?

Larry Ellison from Oracle Corporation has an amusing view that it is marketing hype and that everything is in the cloud.

IBM have advertisements about it.

Some describe the cloud as anything outside an organizations firewall.

At Eden Hartley Consulting we use the cloud for some applications and in house applications and services for others.

We use Google Apps for email, calendars, contact lists, simple documents and spreadsheets, especially when they need to be available anywhere and by multiple people, off site backup. We use Adobe ConnectNow for virtual presentations and collaboration. We host our web site in the cloud.

We don’t use the cloud for financials, human resources or more sensitive applications/documents.

So why the differentiation?

It is all about requirements, cost and time-frame.

Don’t be bamboozled when it comes to the cloud. Follow the basics:

1. Do your business case. What are you trying to achieve? What are the alternatives and likely costs and benefits?
2. Decide on your functional requirements. Some may be mandatory, others desirable.
3. Evaluate the market offerings. Some may be “cloud based” applications, services, infrastructure. Some will be on premise alternatives.
4. Decide. Weight up the satisfaction of requirements versus the costs.
5. Implement.

Pretty simple stuff.

If you need help through this process, contact us. We have been doing “the cloud” for as long as anyone else, but our consultants have been managing IT projects to successful business conclusions for a lot longer than that.

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EHC now approved supplier on NSW Government 2020 ICT Services Panel

We are pleased to announce that Eden Hartley Consulting are now an approved supplier under NSW State Government Panel Contract – 2020 – ICT Services.

We are able to offer services for:

  • Requirements management: Gather, analyse and fulfil the needs and prerequisites of an organisation’s efforts
  • Programme/ project management: Manage and control a particular effort of an organisation
  • Risk management: Support the identification and probabilities or chances of hazards as they relate to a task, decision or long-term goal; includes risk assessment and risk mitigation
  • Enterprise application integration: Support the redesigning of disparate information systems into one system that uses a common set of data structures and rules
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